Audi TT 8J Clubsport rear wing

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Delivery time 8-14 weeks

Suitable for Audi TT 8J (all models)

180kg contact pressure with approx. 4kg product weight!

Complete in-house development and production, everything from a single source!

Including TÜV parts certificate! So nothing stands in the way of a problem-free registration.

The rear wing was completely CFD simulated. This means that the entire vehicle, including the wings, was examined and optimized for its flow behavior in a virtual wind tunnel. Several variants, angles of attack, profiles and designs were examined until the perfect wing was found. Even the feet and mounts have been FEM-optimized, creating a design that is both attractive and stable. This is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive process, but it is the only way to develop a truly functional wing.

What performance does the grand piano deliver?

According to our CFD simulations, the fully developed wing produces around 5 times as much downforce as the original TTRS rear wing (at 200km/h around 80kg (TTRS around 15kg), at 300km/h around 180kg)

What is included in the price?

The price includes the rear wing itself, the feet, the base plate, mounting material and the TÜV parts certificate.

All carbon parts are painted in clear varnish (visible carbon) as standard, while the aluminum feet are painted in glossy black. Other paint finishes are possible on request.

Technical details that may be of interest to some, but not everyone:

The aerodynamics of the Audi TT are influenced by our rear wing in such a way that the driving behavior changes significantly, especially in curves. While a slightly oversteering vehicle is desirable on slow and tight corners, the focus on long and fast corners is on the most stable driving behavior possible. This is exactly what we focus on: In slow corners, the rear wing provides very little downforce due to the low speed, so that the rear of the vehicle can be "thrown around" (e.g. when braking into a curve). During fast corners (e.g. Brünnchen on the Nordschleife) the wing shows its full potential and brings calm to the vehicle. This counteracts a nervous rear end

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