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More downforce? It's here!

Does your rear axle become too light when cornering quickly? Do you want to achieve even faster lap times? Or maybe you just like the look of a really fat chip counter on your car? Then you will find what you are looking for with us!

Our Clubsport rear wing for the Audi TT gives you exactly what you expect from such a wing. Including TÜV parts certificate for the Audi TT 8J with any engine!

You don't drive a TT but still want the wing? No problem! We can produce a suitable mount for your vehicle and registration can also be done individually with our partner GTÜ!

For an offer, simply contact us using the contact form!

Already have a TT and just want some parts?
Then continue here!

Broken carbon or GRP? No problem!

You were inattentive for a moment and it happened: your expensive carbon part broke! Throw away and order new? Not necessarily!

In many cases, damage to the carbon or GRP can be repaired. Depending on the component and its new value, extensive repairs are often worthwhile, as in our example here. This Ferrari F8 hit the diffuser so hard that a good bit of the diffuser fin was missing. We created a 3D scan of the component, remodeled the missing piece in CAD and finally manufactured the replacement part from carbon. The separation point is hardly visible, especially when the diffuser is mounted on the vehicle.
The customer saved a five-figure amount that the new part would have cost.

3D scanning and reverse engineering

3D scans in perfection

We use our high-precision laser scanners to create precise images of complex geometries.
This data can then either be used directly for 3D printing or further post-processed.

Post processing

In post processing, a digital model that can be used for further processing is created from the raw scan data. Depending on your needs, this is done using different, powerful software.

Reverse engineering

New components or products can now be designed based on the resulting data.
For this purpose, either the existing data is changed or completely new components are developed based on the scan data.

Realize your own projects!

Your idea - perfectly implemented

Do you have your own idea and are now looking for a strong partner with whom you can implement it? You've come to the right place! From project planning, initial prototypes, mold construction to the final product - we support you with our strong know-how and our diverse development and production options.

No idea is too crazy!

Our options and know-how are not limited to tuning parts! We also realize the wildest ideas, such as an XXL brush made of GRP as an advertising medium for a painting company.

We carry out your acceptance according to §19.2

Your TÜV doesn't want to register your new tuning part? We help you!

With our partners at TÜV and GTÜ, we can also realize entries according to §19.2. The documents and requirements required for this vary depending on the component and vehicle. We carry out and accept further documentation, tests and journeys with our partner.
Important: with us there are no half-baked entries! The components must be of decent quality and workmanship and must be assembled professionally.
This is the only way to make entries that can withstand any doubt.

Do you have any questions? We have answers!

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