Audi TT 8J Clubsport Flaps

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Delivery time 4-6 weeks

Suitable for Audi TT 8J (Facelift S-Line) and Audi TTS 8J (all years)

Complete in-house development and production, everything from a single source!

Including TÜV parts certificate! So nothing stands in the way of a problem-free registration.

Increased contact pressure on the front axle, ideally suited to our Clubsport rear wing
Due to the increased contact pressure on the front axle, the car reacts more oversteer and steers more readily than in standard condition. A well-reacting and fast front axle is an advantage, especially on race tracks.

No ugly tab under the flaps to screw on! It is screwed directly into the narrow contact surface of the flaps from the inside of the vehicle. In this way, the connection of the flaps is invisible and stable at the same time. A more complex but much nicer solution than the classic tab under the flaps.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the flaps themselves, assembly materials and the TÜV parts certificate.

The carbon parts are delivered painted in clear varnish (visible carbon). Other paint finishes are possible on request.

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